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We print and deliver 14 phone books covering 25 councils across the metropolitan area FREE of CHARGE

(Over 600,000 copies). All the information contained in these books is also available in this net site.


" Because I’m in the Onkaparinga Council

  Phone Book, in the first month, I received

  approx 20 phone calls "

Robert Oats - Owner
J & R Plumbing - Woodcroft

" This book is fantastic I got three calls as soon as

  it started to rain and I’ve done 2 of the jobs already.

  It seems people are grabbing the first thing they

  can to find to get someone to fix their overflowing gutters -

  and its the local phone book "

Jason Denton
JD Roofing & Guttering

" The first few months the phones were ringing hot we had to

  recommend other Concreters as we were booked out.

  The Council phone book is great as we like to

  support our local community and Businesses. "

Paul & Verity Hendy
Colville Concrete Constructions